About Us

Who We Are

The Global Acetate Manufacturers Association (GAMA) was founded in Brussels on January 27th, 2000. It was incorporated as a not for profit organization in the State of Delaware in December 2008 and is headquartered in New York, USA.

GAMA is the professional organization representing the major producers of cellulose acetate. Its members represent over 80% of global capacity.

Mission and Goals

The Association was established to provide information and support to its members’ efforts in the development and enhancement of the use of cellulose acetate and of products made therefrom.

Its main activities include fighting against illicit trade in tobacco products by closely working with law enforcement agencies and other entities in the supply chain as appropriate; the promotion of cellulose acetate, the enhancement of the competitive quality of the products, joint research and scientific projects, cooperation regarding regulatory and environmental issues in the most cost-effective manner and assistance in public relations efforts.

code-of-conductCode of Conduct

All members of GAMA have adopted and abide by a code of conduct. This is a commitment to comply with the highest legal and ethical standards.


The Board of Directors elects the President, the Vice-President and the Treasurer, each from a different geographic region: America and Europe. The offices rotate every two years. The Executive Management of GAMA attends the Board conference calls, but has no right to vote.

Legal Counsel

The policies, procedures and rules of the code of conduct are strictly enforced. The international and anti-trust law firm, WilmerHale LLP and their representatives, are present to check and monitor all activities: meetings and presentations where two or more members of GAMA are present, to ensure that international antitrust and competition law is fully understood and complied with.