Di-Acetate Tow


Air Filters
Di-Acetate’s shaped-fibers provide great surface area which is a clear advantage in air filtration. Acetate tow can either be used for industrial applications i.e. smoke, dust, and fumes filtration or for private homes for filtration of pollutants, allergens, and more.

Di-Acetate Yarn

Fashion/Clothing Industry

Suit/Dress Lining
Acetate yarn is widely used in linings of suits and dresses. Lining made with acetate yarn allows for a more comfortable and breathable experience for the consumer.

The silky hand and versatility of textures attainable with acetate yarn gives designers the ability to create beautiful, high-fashion works of art.

Wear/Wedding Gowns
Brilliant shine and elegant drape adorn a bride wearing a dress made with or lined of acetate yarn. These properties have made acetate yarn a popular choice for wedding gown designers.

Acetate yarn can be knitted with a variety of natural and synthetic fibers to create an array of versatile fabrics. Fabrics made with acetate yarn provide easy care and comfort.

Graduation/choir robes
Breathability and moisture-wicking are important advantages to using acetate yarn in the production of ceremonial robes such as graduation and choir robes. The dyeability and brilliance of color make it easy for manufacturers to produce high quality garments in a range of color options.


Medical tape
Acetate yarn has proven to be an effective material for industrial applications such as medical tape.


Ribbons & Velvets
Thanks to acetate yarn’s beautiful shine and dyeability, it is used often in ribbons and velvets.

Home Furnishing

Furniture Lining
Acetate yarn finds itself at home in decorative applications like furniture lining, bedspreads, pillows and draperies.


Scarves, Neck Ties, Purse Linings
The silkiness and vibrant shine of acetate yarn make it the perfect finish for accessory applications like purse linings, scarves and ties.

Di-Acetate Fibres


Hollow-fiber for ultrafiltration (UF) membrane
Membranes are used extensively in industries ranging from water treatment to food and other areas. The cellulose acetate hollow-fiber ultrafiltration (UF) membrane modules are commonly used in many water purification plants, which contributes greatly to improve and keep the water quality.