Di-Acetate Film


Luxury Packaging
Sustainably sourced and bio-based.  Matte to gloss finishes.

Perfume/Cosmetics Cartons
Tactile and aesthetic properties. Various finishes and colors. Easily foil-blocked. Biodegradable.

Tapes & Labels

Invisible Tape
Good adhesion and pliability.  Easy to tear. Printable and writable with pen.

Tamper Evident Packaging
Clear to colored finishes. Can be overprinted, foil-blocked. Adheres to a variety of shapes.


Polarized Sunglasses
Clarity, color shade control, even color dispersion.

3-D Glasses
Stretchable, gel free flat surface. Recyclable.


Window Envelopes
Bio-degradable, recyclable. High quality, clarity.

Shoe Lace Tips
Protects tip from fraying, rapid self-bonding in production.

Di-Acetate Granules

Brushes & Handles

Transparency, smoothness and colour have also played important roles in the use of this material for applications connected with health and hygiene (toothbrushes), fashion(umbrella and handbag handles) and manual work(screwdriver handles)

To combine with the toothbrushes above

Screwdriver Handles
To combine with the toothbrushes above


The beautiful dyeability led it excellent express company culture. More and more liquor company use it as the cap of bottle.

Di-Acetate Sheet

Fashion Ends

Frames, hair pin, costume jewelry, button
Thanks to acetate sheet’s beautiful shine, wear resisting and dyeability, it is used often in fashion ends such as frame, hair pin, costume jewelry, button, etc.

Casino Games

Casino chips, playing cards
Because of the wonderful dyeability, Acetate can be designed as the symbol of pleasure, hope and lucky. Besides, it can easily slide across the table without noise.

Atheltic & Safety Equipment

Ski mask, swimming goggles, safety device
Diacetate is the only polymer that can be rendered antifog so effectively. By adding special additives, it can also pretect up to 400nm of the sun’s ray. Combining with the perfect transparency, diacetate can be applied to Ski mask, swimming goggles, safety device.