KYC Program

GAMA is fully supportive of the fight against illicit trade in tobacco products

  • In 2006, GAMA introduced the Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance
    Certificate/GAMA KYC Standard program.
  • The KYC Standard supports cigarette companies and public authorities in their fight against illicit trade.
  • Participation in the GAMA KYC Standard is voluntary. There has always been a very high participation rate among GAMA members through implementation of procedures at their respective companies.
  • An independent auditor audits every GAMA member participating in the KYC. The
    audit is carried out at the member’s premises. The auditor assesses the level of
    compliance with the KYC Standard program.
  • KYC audits are carried out every two years.
  • GAMA stays informed of statistics regarding illicit trade and provides relevant
    information to its membership.
  • As in all other areas of its activity, GAMA is committed to complying with all applicable legal obligations and cooperates with public and private actors who share GAMA’s goal.